World Wide Charitable Foundations Inc Feedback and Complaints Policy

Last Edited on 2018-10-02

WWCF believes that donors and supporters have the right to provide feedback and raise a complaint about situations which they believe WWCF has not conducted itself in line with its Mission and Values and/or they have received unsatisfactory service. WWCF is committed to addressing complaints and feedback in a fair and timely manner and ensuring that complaints and feedback are dealt with in a confidential and timely manner. Complaint Resolution Procedures:

1. If you have a complaint or concern about your experience with WWCF please call 1.866.622.9541 or e-mail and your complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate staff person.
2. Complaints may be received by mail, email or phone. In order for us to be able to respond to your complaint must include your name and contact information (including a valid email and phone number), the date the issue occurred and a description of the issue and any possible resolutions you are hoping to receive.
3. The initial acknowledgment of your complaint will occur within 2 business days and a resolution within 10 business days.
4. A final decision concerning your complaint will be discussed with you at the end of the investigation.
5. If your complaint has not been satisfactorily addressed or resolved or you feel uncomfortable in speaking with the manager, your complaint will be referred to the Chief Operating Office of World Wide Charitable Foundations Inc.
6. All complaints will be documented in the donor’s record along with resolutions or outcomes.
7. A summary of complaints (including number and type) will be reported quarterly to the President and CEO and are reported annually to the WWCF Inc Board of Directors.
8. WWCF Canada reserves the right to choose not to respond to complaints judged as unfounded.
9. Returns of Donations: If for any reason you the donor is not satisfied with WWCF Inc we will return your full donated amount within 72 business hours upon receiving a formal request via Email, Mail or Phone call.
Our Customer Care Number is 1.866.622.9541; Email address is Our policy at WWCF INC. is 100 % guarantee and satisfaction with no exception and no questions asked.